About Us

About Us

Welcome to portfoliodirectors.com

Our business values are passion, tenacity, flexibility and commitment, and youíre probably wondering why thatís important enough to introduce right at the beginning??

We know that we make a difference for our clients because we understand what being an entrepreneur is really like.† We donít want to†act cleverer than you and we certainly donít want to teach you how to suck eggs Ė but we do want to add our knowledge and experience to yours and in so doing, help you and your team to grow your business.

We understand that you donít always have the resources to do things that you know need to be done, and thatís why we apply ourselves to the things that really matter and†ones that†will make a difference for you.

So, why did we start with the values??† Itís because we know that there are†lots of other people out there who also have excellent CV's and qualifications Ė but there are†not many who have started a business and grown it.† We have, and thatís how we know that you can have all the theory in the world Ė but loving what you do and a lot of hard work are the things that make that extra bit of†difference.

Growing a business requires the development of management skills as well as the more obvious areas such as stock, staff and sales.† We can help you steer a safe passage through these critical stages in your business' journey.

We can help you develop your own skills and knowledge as well as bringing a more systematic approach to running the business as it grows.† But we know that success isn't based on business processes alone, developing the personal skills of the management team is crucial, and so too is the need to retain these skills within the business.

What else makes us different?† When our job is done, we move on.† You won't find us digging in for an easy ride.† We believe in enabling you to to run your own business on your own (but we're never far away if you need to share some thorny problem with us).

Working with Portfolio Directors will arm you with the knowledge and the tools to succeed, without losing any element of control.

Our passion, and our success, is helping others succeed.

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