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Portfolio Directors Update

www.nichebrands.co.uk - here Emma is helping to advise people on growing their glamping business, along with some key experts in their niche.

www.hihosilver.co.uk - Emma originally joined this jewellery company as a non-executive director and is now an owner of the company.

www.ukprecision.co.uk - a precision engineering company based in the Southwest - Emma is a Director of this business



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  • 26.03.17

    Networking Tips - Plain and simple

    I sent this article through to one of my clients because I really like the good practical networking advice it gave.

    8 Simple Ways to Bolster Your Network by Loren Mooney.

    Master networker Heidi Roizen dishes what's changed - and what hasn't - about networking in the Digital Era.



  • 26.06.14

    Latest client testimonial

    Like many people, I always forget to ask my clients for a testimonial - so I have resolved to do better and have been asking - here's one of my new testimonials, it's always better for a client to tell you what I do!


  • 17.09.13

    How to Find the Time for That Important Project by Michael Hyatt

    Almost everyone has some important project they canít seem to get to. Maybe itís starting a blog, writing a book, or launching a new business initiative. You just canít seem to find the time to tackle it.


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