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A Field Of Dreams

Sometimes the most simple, but beautiful things bring a good leadership lesson to mind.

This morning, I took the dogs out into a field I have walked them in many times before - it was a beautiful sunny morning and the grass was dew moist. This particular field has patches of grass and reeds and the dogs love to play hide and seek in it. †As I walked down and idly gazed across the field, I noticed web after web waving in the slight breeze - it reminded me of a busy bazaar with each of the stall holders proudly displaying their wares. †Intricately placed between anchor points and each one a mini-masterpiece of individual toil, they were a real sight to behold, a veritable field of dreams! †As I turned and looked behind me, I realised that they had become invisible - the sun and where I stood made the difference between seeing them and missing them entirely. †I must have walked past hundreds of webs previously and not noticed them, a particular set of circumstances had highlighted their beauty and the work they entailed.

As I walked back to the house, I was musing on how many times we as leaders must miss the efforts of the individual, only noticing the times when the hard work comes into stark focus - yet at other times toil and trouble go unnoticed. †How powerful it would be to notice this effort at times when it is not waved in our faces - to recognise that each and every day, many people weave an intricate part of our organisation into being.

Sometimes the most simple, but beautiful things bring a good leadership lesson to mind.

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