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  • 25.05.17

    Portfolio Directors Update

    Currently we are doing more coaching and internal business development for people, so here is a list of our companies and where you can find us...


  • 26.03.17

    Networking Tips - Plain and simple

    I sent this article through to one of my clients because I really like the good practical networking advice it gave.

    8 Simple Ways to Bolster Your Network by Loren Mooney.

    Master networker Heidi Roizen dishes what's changed - and what hasn't - about networking in the Digital Era.



  • 26.06.14

    Latest client testimonial

    Like many people, I always forget to ask my clients for a testimonial - so I have resolved to do better and have been asking - here's one of my new testimonials, it's always better for a client to tell you what I do!


  • 17.09.13

    How to Find the Time for That Important Project by Michael Hyatt

    Almost everyone has some important project they canít seem to get to. Maybe itís starting a blog, writing a book, or launching a new business initiative. You just canít seem to find the time to tackle it.


  • 04.07.13

    7 Ways to Make the Rest of 2013 Amazing

    The year is halfway done. Are you on track to meet your year end goals? Here are some ways to make sure you blow through the finish line by December 31st.


  • 25.06.13

    The Pitch 2013 - Nine traits of successful entrepreneurs

    David Rubie-Todd, investment director at Horatio Investments, looks at the personal traits required to be successful in business and gives examples of entrepreneurs who demonstrate them.
    Horatio Investments is contributing to the £275,000 investment up for grabs in The Pitch 2013, BusinessZone.co.ukís small business competition.


  • 03.06.13

    The reason they call it a browser by Seth Godin

    A great blog post by Seth Godin that we just had to share.


  • 26.04.13

    Attract Customers Who Want to Buy: 7 Ways

    Great article from Inc.com. A new HubSpot survey proves inbound marketing is a hands down winner in customer attraction. Here are seven tips on how to drive customers to your door.


  • 10.04.13

    The Importance of Scheduling Nothing by Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn

    An excellent blog post by Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn regarding leaving yourself time and buffers.


  • 22.03.13

    Budget 2013 response - small businesses have their say - Emma Warren featured on Tax Donut

    We spoke to a range of small firms throughout the UK to find out their reaction to announcements made in the 2013 Budget. Here's what they saidÖ
    Emma Warren Ė managing director of Somerset-based business consultancy Portfolio Directors Ltd.


  • 07.03.13

    8 Business Principles That Never Go Out of Style

    Want trendy, flavor-of-the-month management ideas? You won't find 'em on this list.


  • 08.02.13

    9 Hidden Qualities of Stellar Bosses

    What your employees see you doing matters. But often it's what they can't see that matters more.


  • 20.09.12

    Your Current Customer Research Misses What's Most Important by Kerry Bodine

    I've always struggled with the concept of Focus Groups - especially for innovative products and product development as companies tend to ask existing customers or people who don't know their brand at all.


  • 19.09.12

    From Seth Godin - Time To Take Action

    Proving that for business and for leadership, the time we are in right now is the new reality and we really need to accept it and get on with it.


  • 03.09.12

    Great way to start the week! How to become a happy person others want to be around.

    Great podcast from Michael Hyatt on how to be a happy person. A fantastic way to start the week ahead!


  • 10.07.12

    Guardian Live Q&A - Top Tips: How To Write A Business Plan

    Last week Emma took part in a live Q&A hosted by The Guardian as part of the expert panel. †The Q&A was great fun and Emma was delighted to be asked to join in and share her knowledge. †Here is a round up of the Q&A.


  • 03.07.12

    The ultimate Twitter for marketing infographic

    Social software company†Buddy Media has released the findings of an analysis of the Twitter activity of 320 leading brands. The study makes some interesting conclusions about how businesses should be using the social network to engage with customers.


  • 16.05.12


    Emma was quoted last year talking about the importance of goals for your business - but it's such a key thing that it bears repeating...


  • 22.03.12

    6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers

    You're the boss, but you still spend too much time on the day-to-day. Here's how to become the strategic leader your company needs.


  • 08.03.12

    SMO: putting the social into search

    As many peopleís first port of call, when looking for a new product or service, is a search engine, the importance of coming up in the first few entries, on a relevant search, is widely understood...


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