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Running your own business is a challenge. If you are trying to it all on your own it is even harder. Everybody needs fresh ideas and input from other people from time to time. This can be especially beneficial when those people are not wrapped up in the day to day detail, but can stand back and provide a different, broader perspective.  It becomes even more critical when businesses reach the limit of their natural growth. The right advice at the right time can make the difference between managing growth or managing decline.

We help business owners be better informed about what they are capable of and better equipped to get it done. We work closely with a hands-on approach to offer more than just advice. We look to positively change the fortunes of the companies we work with by helping them develop a clearer strategy and develop the knowledge and leadership skills to carry it forward.

“I’ve seen a lot of consultancies but Portfolio Directors is different. They are entrepreneurs themselves. They don’t just present me with management models; they bring practical, hard-earned advice from the coalface, and it works.” Mark Hannaford, MD, Across the Divide Ltd

Our range of Business Development services help deliver more structured and consistent growth, laying the foundations for long term success. This capability combined with a total commitment to our client’s success is what sets us apart and for us, achieving real growth is the only measure of success. And, to date, we have succeeded in helping all our clients achieve year on year growth.

“Thanks to Portfolio Director’s hands on support and commitment our business grew by 42% in the first year of our partnership. It has grown 10% this year, when the rest of the high street is a bloodbath!” Andrew Ransford, MD, Hiho Silver (Jewellery) Ltd (Nov 2009)

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