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In BT’s recent Business Pulse report, the largest survey of UK small and medium sized businesses, 43% wanted support around access to finance.

We recognise the difficulty many clients have in focusing on running their business whilst trying to ensure the information they are working with is accurate and timely with clear interpretation for key decision making. That is why we have introduced a new service called ‘Forward Figures’.

With Forward Figures we can help improve management performance by providing a management accounting reporting service. This can aid the improvement of management efficiency by providing usable information and constructive advice, at the right time, for a cost, which is more attractive in comparison to employing an in-house accountant.

Would your company benefit from Forward Figures?

Please consider the following questions

  • Are you receiving regular and timely management information?
  • Do you have difficulty in providing the bank with the information they want – when they want it?
  • Do you know what your profit is each month?
  • Are you unsure of the true position your business is in?
  • Do you expect there to be any shortfalls in cash in the coming months/years and how are you planning to address them?
  • If gross margins are squeezed can costs be saved elsewhere?
  • How much debt do you actually have?
  • Is your business experiencing rapid growth and can you support it?
  • Would your company benefit from using Forward Figures?

    All of the above are only some of the questions a successful business needs to have the answers to and ‘Forward Figures’ can provide those answers, in an efficient, accurate and economical way.

    Forward Figures will provide you with a standard monthly reporting package suitable for your company's requirements including:

  • Profit and Loss Account – for the month and year to date
  • Balance Sheet
  • Summary Report
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Graphs
  • Competitor reviews, market trend reviews

    Financial accounts are not the only information that owners/managers require when considering business decisions. The need for alternative management information, such as Key Performance Indicators, is equally necessary in order to achieve effective decision-making.

    At Forward Figures we have designed a presentation package where we select ‘key’ figures from the accounts and present the key information you need, in a clear and uncluttered manner. The key performance indicators and an analytical review of the results will highlight matters which may require management attention and ensure your decision making is effective in achieving your goals

    To find out which level is right for you click on the options below:  (go to detailed summary of services for each level)

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