What We Do

We know that most of the people we talk to are extremely busy, so we collected together some short articles and factsheets on topics of interest and put them in one place. We've added a few events that also might be of interest.

  • Seven Mistakes to Avoid when Planning an Exit

    This is an excellent white paper published by Smith & Williamson in conjunction with Growth Business - giving some really practical advice on some key steps to consider when planning an exit.

    For more information see their website http://www.smith.williamson.co.uk/


  • Ten Steps to Profitable Growth

    A great guide published by Cranfield covering the things that lead to profitable growth in entrepreneurial companies.


  • No-Nonsense Guide to Finance for High Growth and Innovative Businesses

    A Business Link Guide which provides a really useful reference document for companies thinking about accessing finance.  Our very own expert, Emma Warren, is featured on Pages 22 & 27 talking about the finance solutions we've found for our clients


  • IOD Guide to Key Performance Indicators

    A four page article covering the main points about key performance indicators - sometimes written off as more numbers dreamed up by accountants - but they can work, what gets measured gets better!


  • Punch Above your Weight

    If you're available in the evening of 4th March then we'd love to see you at the Raleghs Cross enabling entreprenerial businesses to communicate all aspects of being a very unique group of people. David Stone at Guru Marketing will be on hand to assist with exercises and workshops.


  • IOD Non-Executive Directors Breakfast

    A business breakfast that will allow you to understand the value and importance of a non-executive director featuring a short introduction from our very own Emma Warren and in conjunction with the Institute of Directors.