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Harvey & Magic (Office Dogs)

I'm Harvey (the terrier) and my main job at Portfolio Directors is to sleep a lot - particularly under the desk as well as occassionally interupting the girls with my playtime, where I find vigorously shaking a half eaten football sucessfully does the trick.

I act as a really vicious guard dog to any visitor to the office (well I have to look after my girls), but will happily wag my tail if you allow me to jump on your lap, I'm not fussy - any lap will suffice!

I'm Magic (the labrador) and I'm the newest member of the team, providing back-up and vital support to Harvey, the "Top Dog". I am fairly new to the office environment, so am still finding my feet (I'm aware that there are 4 of them but am not sure how far down my legs they are - so I trip up a lot!).

Harvey is showing me all the ropes, we have bright coloured ones and I especially like the Green and Orange one.

I have learnt so much since being here and can now succesfully bark at the postman (or any passer by for that matter). I feel that I have some way to go still with Harvey the Dog - not sure he's that happy about my arrival, but he'll learn to love me, everyone else has!

Email me: info@portfoliodirectors.com

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