What We Do

Training and Development

We have the knowledge, not just the theory, of how to launch and grow a business and like to share ourlearning with other business owners and entrepreneurs. Our expertise and experience can not only help them grow faster, but can help them bring clear direction and planning to achieve that growth.

Our training programmes in the key areas of business, such as finance, selling and presenting provide a flexible framework to help extend the knowledge and skills within the management team as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Why "Taking the Fear out of"??? We know that there are some sticky patches that slow a companies growth and often work with individual clients on various areas. The tranferrable knowledge that we teach works well when we package it up into a Seminar and doing this allows us to reach those businesses who have specific areas they want to focus on.

The range of courses includes:

  • Taking the Fear out of Finance
  • Taking the Fear out of Presenting
  • Taking the Fear out of Pitching
  • Taking the Fear out of Selling your Business
  • Taking the Fear out of Working from Home
  • Taking the Fear out of Marketing

What makes our courses different???

There's a lot of courses out there for you to choose from, but these are business seminars run by experienced business people who can offer coalface advice and support, during the course and as follow-up after the course. This isn't just any course...it's a Portfolio Directors course!