What We Do

Personal Development

If you're aleader, be it of a business or a department, it'sa busy job which involves being "on duty" whenever you're out and about with your colleagues. Part of your responsibility as a leader is to set a good example and to create a learning culture.

We believe that you need to challenge yourself to learn if you really want to encourage others and a personal coach is a great way for you to explore and examine situations and make sure that you are developing your own abilities as part of supporting the growth of the business.

A good business coach will help you to grow your business by supporting you to create and follow a structured strategy to achieve agreed upon goals. Normally, you know the answer to the questions that you have, it's a case of taking the time out to select the actions that you are going to take and then committing to performing something before the next coaching session.

Some people can be a bit sceptical about coaches - but a good business coach can really help you to achieve higher performance levels, and in keeping with our usual Portfolio Directors mission - we always look to supply you with best-in-class coaching services.

If you are interested in learning more - please contact us at info@portfoliodirectors.com