What We Do


One of the key areas of change for owners with growing businesses is letting go, and working on the business more than working in it. As the creator of the business it is understandably hard to leave it in the hands of others. However without learning to delegate and trust others, business growth potential is severely hampered.

The combination of mentoring and non-exec services can help challenge and support in equal measure. A good non-exec can help to show that it is necessary to change and how to go about it, thus improving business and personal performance.  They can provide a tailored approach with one-to-one support to help business owners extend their leadership, as well as management skills over a period of time. All of our non-execs are seasoned management professional and possess the flexibility to look more strategically, as well as operationally, at the business and tackle different issues and challenges as they arise through development and growth.

Success is rarely single-handed. Just look at your average Formula 1 team, or round the world sailor, to see how much support is required to ensure success. Opening up to more learning and sharing the success of the business is the start of that journey, but it's something that gets more difficult to do as your seniority increases.

“Your company’s competitive advantage is firmly based in your openness to learn, challenge and share knowledge with others” Emma Warren, MD, Portfolio Directors Ltd.

Here are two good acronyms to help remember some of the key things that a leader should be thinking about :-


  • Listen to people
  • Eradicate problems
  • Arrange Resources
  • Delegate it out


  • Look at what you are doing
  • Evaluate where you want to be
  • Address the gap
  • Realign/ rally the team
  • Nurture the growth