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Social Media

The emergence of social media websites has added another dimension to brand management, as it provides a whole new way of generating awareness, shaping opinion and creating demand for your products. It provides a low cost, high impact mechanism for extending the reach and the branding of your business, by building a stronger relationship and affinity with your target audience, through demonstrating shared values and attitudes.

Your customers can become your best advocates and sales team. However if it is not monitored and managed effectively the same social media can become a liability. Negative comment, especially if it goes unchecked, can cancel out your brand building activities in other areas.

It is impossible to completely control your brand identity because people have the option to express their views, whether right or wrong. The digital revolution has just made it easier and faster to communicate them. Because of this speed and reach, being aware and managing your online positioning is becoming more critical to success, as its potential to build, as well as undermine your brand increases.