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  • Calan DVS

    Calan DVS

    My coaching sessions with Emma gave me an opportunity to reflect and really think about me, my behaviours, how I approached situations and how to get the best out of myself. This was down to Emma’s skills as a coach – really listening and tuning into me as a person and as a leader and through questioning really getting to know how I worked. The sessions gave me  space to really explore myself and Emma created this safe, non judgemental environment. Emma’s coaching has supported and enabled me to understand who I  am and how I work and has given me tools and approaches that I now use time and time again in situations.

    Rhian Bowen Davis, Chief Executive

  • Hchr Ltd

    Hchr Ltd

    Meeting Emma has been a memorable turning point in my professional career.  I am one of life’s strugglers with confidence and self-belief and like many owner managers have a tendency to be overly critical and analytical of myself.  However, I now associate coaching with clarity. Emma leads you into the right “space” to allow you to self- solve problems.

    Don't expect an easy ride- she doesn’t give you the answer or solution, sometimes there isn’t one,  but instead guides you through disentangling the fog in your mind.  After a short period of working together I could see the value Emma’s flexible and pragmatic style had and and continues to have on both me and the business.  I look forward to our sessions together, thank you Emma!

    Shakira Joyner, Director

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

    Vocational Rehabilitation


    Business link put me in contact with Emma when I asked them about a business mentor. At the time I was unclear about the future direction of my professional career and business. Emma helped me to clarify my work priorities and motivators.

    As a result I’ve refocused my work load and allotted time into fee paying (60%), developmental (20%) and blue sky (20%) segments. Emma also grasped my more ‘creative’ ideas and grounded them in reality. We had 6 sessions together and during that time I completed a full circle, returning to a similar place to where I was 10 years ago, but with renewed passion and vigour for my profession and clarity around my business goals. Thank you Emma’


    J Chapman, Director June 2011

  • Across the Divide

    Across the Divide

    PDL helps to bring a new perspective to our strategic planning, it is very easy to get caught up into the day-to-day running of a company and not look at the bigger picture. Using PDL has helped to provide a platform for informed review and impartial planning and allowed a more reasoned and collaborative management plan development and clarity of view that we failed to achieve previously.

    Situated as we are in the travel and events sector and in uncertain economic times ATD has to be very innovative and flexible in its business activities and we have been working with PDL to provide a firm organisational foundation from which to operate, to be able to forecast forward more accurately and be more proactive in our methodology.

    Whilst our internal development would have been part of a natural growth and evolution working in tandem with PDL has enabled us to rationalise each major step intellectually, check the validity of our decision making, clarify goals and overcome internal barriers to growth.

    Would I recommend them?  Yes, wholeheartedly. I can also run to their office and they don't mind me being sweaty; which is the main reason we use them.


    Mark Hannaford FRGS FRSA Managing Director

    www.acrossthedivide.com & www.expeditionmedicine.co.uk Across The Divide Expeditions organise trips all around the globe, to help raise money for charities and worthwhile causes, as well as leadership challenges for corporate  customers.

  • Sbri Cymru - Adventure Through Learning

    Sbri Cymru - Adventure Through Learning


    I was a little bit cynical of receiving coaching to begin with, but I've realised its value over the past few months.  Emma has helped me grow and develop in ways I couldn't imagine before undertaking the coaching.  She has helped me to realise my true potential, and to develop myself and my company as well.  I would recommend her services to anyone. (Oct 2010)


    Steffan Davies www.sbricymru.com

  • Woodland Workshop

    Woodland Workshop


    Thank you so much for taking over my office and looking after things while I was away last week. It made my holiday knowing that the office and finances were in safe and capable hands and I was so impressed when I returned to find everything in order and all sales dealt with efficiently.

    I shall certainly be asking for your help in the future whenever I get snowed under or am away for any reason. Very many thanks for a job really well done.


    Guy Mallinson, Managing Director Woodland Workshop & Crafty Camping

  • Taking the Fear out of Finance - Course Feedback

    Taking the Fear out of Finance - Course Feedback


    • I attended this course a few months back with much trepidation, I like spending money but that's about as far as it goes. Claire stripped all the jargon out of accounting and took it right back to basics before gently adding all the big words and acronyms back in. I came away feeling fully equipped to tackle a set of accounts and well fed too! Thanks PDL.

    • I was asked in early December to attend a ‘Finance Course’ held by Portfolio Directors. In my day to day role as the production controller for an engineering company I felt this to be irrelevant to my position…..HOW WRONG COULD I HAVE BEEN! The course really is aimed at those who like me had no previous experience or knowledge of the financial world. It was IN PLAIN ENGLISH taught the basics of ‘Balance Sheets’ ‘Profit and Loss’ and many other standard finance terms and shown with great effect how these not only worked but affected my daily routine. Claire who ran the course the day I attended clearly demonstrated the simplicity of these financial practices and was always willing to stop and explain further anything I or any other course attendee did not fully understand.

    • This was a great course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to get a grasp of finance within their business. The delivery and course content was perfect and it really helped me understand management reporting and gave me many ideas about setting meaningful KPIs for the business.

    • I attended the "Taking the fear out of Finance course" and it does just what it says on the tin. I absolutely hate maths and if I can get away with not using it, then I certainly will. But the course was excellent, i learnt loads and everything was explained in idiot fashion, which is what I need and we started at the ...basics and it has really helped me. Thanks Claire

    • Thank you ever so much for the Finance course - I am now fearless in the finance department! Very well done Claire!


  • UK Precision Ltd

    UK Precision Ltd


    “It’s a partnership working with PDL. It’s about push and pull to get the best possible end results. They are different because of their open approach, which means we can talk about everything without any barriers or preconceptions getting in the way. They really listen to the ideas from everyone and use the information the right way before making recommendations.  As part of our growth strategy we recently merged two companies fairly painlessly (which I doubt would have been the case without their support).”


    Andrew Bastow, Operations Director

    www.ukprecision.co.uk UK Precision Ltd is a sub-contract precision engineering company specialising in the supply of high quality machined components using the latest CNC technology.

  • Hiho



    “Working with Emma has been a really interesting journey, she is one of the most professional and objective people that I have had the opportunity of working with. If you want an easy ride, then she may be the wrong person for you, but if you want to be continually, and constructively, challenged, tutored and have your ideas expanded and structured then you can’t go far wrong with Emma. Having Emma as a member of our Board has also brought professionalism to our family business that we were lacking.  We have, as a company and individuals, made huge leaps forward over the last year and a lot of this has been down to Emma’s input. I would say that she would be a tremendous asset to any company she works with.


    I know that without Emma, her team and her superb leadership and mentoring skills we would not have the business that we currently have nor, and this is of vital importance, the ability to plan strategically for the future.”


    Andrew Ransford, Managing Director

    www.hihosilver.co.uk Hiho retails unique silver jewellery and aluminium homesware - much of which is exclusively designed by them.

  • Farm Toys Online

    Farm Toys Online


    Working with Portfolio Directors Ltd (PDL) has been instrumental in doubling our turnover this year and setting us up for further growth over the coming years. Running a company with a small team often means that real strategic decisions get forgotten whilst everyone concentrates on the day-to-day running of the business. PDL make us sit back, draw breath and look at the business from a different perspective.


    We originally took on PDL to help with our marketing, because not only will they help with strategy but will actually implement it too, which for a business where time is a scarce commodity, is fundamental to our success.


    Most importantly PDL seem to “get it” as far as understanding how our company works and what we are all about. They are happy to work at strange hours and don’t seem to mind how many children I drag along with me. And they all seem to love our products!!


    Julia Lowe Managing Director


  • Netstep Corporate Communications Ltd

    Netstep Corporate Communications Ltd


    “Emma Warren has been working with Netstep for around 18 months on a part time basis, and during that time has been a major positive influence on our business. The company has undertaken a period of substantial change and growth, and Emma's previous experience and insight into these situations has been invaluable. Emma has naturally assumed an informal mentoring role for the rest of the board which everyone finds to be a tremendous support. She has also developed and run training programs for the whole company which have been a great success, and is currently working on a formal management development program for us. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.


    Barry Mills, Chairman

    www.netstep.co.uk Netstep is one of the UK's most experienced Internet agencies.  They provide a wide range of services to over 100 clients. This includes consultancy, the design and development of market-leading websites and online marketing campaigns, bespoke web application development and integration, website management and domain name services

  • One the Green

    One the Green


    PDL’s approach is innovative and refreshing. By first exposing and then addressing issues that are often swept under the carpet, real business benefits are achieved through understanding and teamwork. Our company relies on the performance of its employees. During the first three years of our business, PDL has been at our side, helping to build our skills, interpersonal relationships and recruit the right people, who are the foundation we need for future success.


    Clemency Ransford, Managing Director

    www.onethegreen.co.uk Based in the beautiful market town of Sherborne, Dorset. It’s a shop that thinks it’s a home, and a deeply stylish one at that. They’ve made it into their own little haven – filled with dramatic lighting displays, exclusive decorative fittings and inspirational ways to use light in your home and garden.

  • T Shed

    T Shed


    “Emma has worked as Finance Director on the T-shed project – an environmental loyalty reward card, with David Whiting and me for the past 18 months.


    Emma is extremely competent in all aspects of finance and business plans, both strategic and tactical. She has a strong intelligence, an entrepreneurial spirit and an inherent sense of the honest and ethical.”


    Sally Bagenal, Chairman of T-Shed (2006) Ltd. January 2008